There has been a rash of petty crime in Bermuda Riviera recently, attempts at home burglary, and at least one automobile stolen.  As before, when there was a rash of crime there are lots thoughts on what to do about these criminals. In the 26 years I have been here the crime events have had sporadic increases followed by times of quiet.  In these 26 years we have deterred criminals with completing the 34th Ave. wall, Police presence, and increasing signage including signs for a neighborhood watch (since removed). Once Comcast has installed the internet connection, our guard house will have Wifi to entice police to linger there.

About three years ago, after a rash of unlocked car burglaries, we formed a safety committee and along with the assistance of the Police came to the conclusion that an enhanced deterrent would be to have License Plate Reading cameras (LPRs) and gate arms at the entrance.  Finally, after securing community agreement, funds, agreements with the city, and deciding on internet service, that plan will be fully implemented shortly.  Agreements have been signed with the city, the system provider and Comcast.

We can do more, but the police, who deal with this petty crime continuously, know how these individuals operate.  We do need to heed their advice on the fact that most of these crimes are crimes of opportunity.  Doors unlocked, cars with accessible keys, and garage doors open.   Once these mostly youthful offenders, find easy pickings, they text their peers to advise them of a new fertile hunting ground.  As such, your neighbor that leaves cars, in the driveway unlocked, attracts these criminals.  Who eventually find unlocked home doors and cars they can remove from the neighborhood.

Some home owners have been restive to any cost associated with community security, and some are amenable to more comprehensive security, and willing to invest what is needed to obtain it. However, our limited budget of the HOA based upon dues, cannot afford a security patrol using a private security firm or off-duty police.

There is a solution to the funding problem for hiring a security patrol.  We can form a neighborhood improvement district.  There is only one such district in Fort Lauderdale  The Sunrise Key Neighborhood Improvement District was established February 14,1992 under the authority of Florida Statutes Ch.163.506. The District is considered a “Special district” under Florida law, which means a unit of local government created for a special purpose, as opposed to a general purpose, which has jurisdiction to operate within a limited geographic boundary. The purpose of the District is to guide and accomplish the coordinated, balanced and  harmonious  development  of a  safe  neighborhood;  to  maintain  and  preserve  property  values  and preserve and foster the development of an attractive neighborhood environment; to reduce crime rates; by providing services to enhance beautification and security on Sunrise Key. The link below will take you to a description of the improvement district found on

Comments to the board on pursuit of the improvement district would be welcome.  Concerned residents are encouraged to comment and volunteer to be part of a Bermuda Riviera Neighborhood Improvement District implementation committee.

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