Bermuda Riviera
       Home Owners Association

Dear Neighbor.

Hurricane season is upon us. We wish to notify you about precautions you should take and how you may obtain information.

Those of you who are boat owners must be aware of FLPD Marine rules:
A. Do not tie your boat across the canal unless it is a last resort.
B. You cannot tie to another property w/o that property owners permission.
C. Most important! You may do so only one (1) day prior to a named storm's arrival and you must remove your boat no later then one (1) day after the storm passes.
D. If a boat is found preventing access by other boaters, police may be notified and the vessel may be subject to towing.
E. If you choose to do the above, communicate with your neighbors to coordinate activities.

The best local information on hurricane preparation can be found at:
Board of Directors
Bermuda Riviera HOA